Message from Pastor Brodie I. Johnson




Did you ever stop to think what our community would be like without a church?  This is a scary world.  There are catastrophes happening every day. Individuals must face career problems, family dilemmas, health riddles, personality quirks, and dozens of other situations in their lives. 


To face the world alone is not only scary, it is consuming!   But that is why we are here. We are situated on the corner of East Shelby Drive and Germantown Road, not so far from you, and we are ready and willing to help you through the hard times of life.   Christ is the answer!


We cannot take away your hurts, but we can help you face them with God's remedy.  We may even be able to assist you to find solutions before situations become major.  Why not give us a try?  We care!  Too many people sit at home and worry. 


God has blessings ready for you and everyone who will put their trust in Him. Instead of looking at the world's sad news, we suggest you look at God's love.  We will tell you about it!  When you discover His love, you can face the world situation with a new perspective.  Give us a try!  We look forward to meeting you! 


"We love him, because he first loved us" (1 John 4:19).







Cornerstone Institutional Baptist Church, 7288 E. Shelby Drive, Memphis, TN 38125, (901) 751-0333
Dr. Brodie I. Johnson, Pastor